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Zulkira 4 years ago
Hi Lillith How are you fabulous photos and videos here. Hope your well
Gomuro 4 years ago
Ready for some fun!
Tojajind 4 years ago
He's shopping around, pure and simple. He doesn't feel for you the way you feel for him, and to be honest, he's probably waiting on the "right time" to end the relationship. Either that, or he's hoping you're going to end it. At least...until you dropped the L word on him. Never forget kids, love is evol.
Kele 4 years ago
She is one sexxy as bitch!
Kazrakinos 4 years ago
Just read that he’s been using those reference for a while and in a singular comment like this one it wasn’t all that clear. Especially when taken out of context “were the master race. you can see how some may misconstrue the word “we.”