Venue: GAME Streetmekka

GAME Streetmekka Copenhagen is the world’s first Streetmekka. The former train shed was renovated in 2010 and is today a raw, innovative street sports facility.

GAME Streetmekka Copenhagen has 4.700 active members and an attendance of 47.000 children and adults annually. GAME is primarily used by youths aged between 11 and 25. The majority of GAME’s users are boys and close to half of them have another ethnic background than Danish.

GAME Streetmekka Copenhagen has 28 open training sessions in disciplines such as street basketball, street soccer, urban dance, parkour, street fit and yoga. The largest of these is street basketball. Street soccer is constantly gaining popularity and there are always dancers and parkour fans in various corners of the building.

GAME Streetmekka Copenhagen hosts the popular Friday Jam event for its members every first Friday of the month. Street basketball and street soccer tournaments are accompanied by occasional rap battle, nail art café or other activities.