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Malajar 5 years ago
baЕЎ Е aban
Jushicage 5 years ago
Not sure if it's real or faux jizz, but the idea is excellent.
Balmaran 5 years ago
Mezihn 5 years ago
Wish I saw this before I commented. If these ppl want to have a singing party they should host their own. It's still rude of them to overtake her party and turn it into what they want. When she fell asleep, instead of turning down the music and going back to singing with them you should have sent them home. She pbly bristles because you clearly don't stand in solidarity with her. If it's her party, there is no reason to be approaching her about how she decides to host it.
Zulkitilar 5 years ago
I think that is completly sensible. It is vital that we know who is seeking to enter this country, this is a great way to get honest information.