Pitch: Kinetic Analysis

Kinetic Analysis, founded in 2012, collected biomechanics data from thousands of top, sub and amateur athletes over time. Kinetic Analysis found that it is all about the smallest error and adjustments to win a gold medal or stay pain free, which cannot be identified with the naked eye. That’s how we combined our passions for technology and for human motion data. With the new smart garment technology that Kinetic Analysis is developing, coaches, trainers and athletes can analyse the movements, track metrics over time, and work on the athletes biomechanics, use hard data to back rehabilitation and get athletes back in the game more efficiently, and assess risk of injury in an early stage to improve how the athlete of the future moves.

Kinetic Analysis’ Holland based team of health scientists, artificial intelligence specialists, software engineers, user experience designers and product designers is now set to help athletes make the difference between a gold and silver medal at the Olympics and get these innovations accessible for even novice athletes.



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