Pitch: Carving Fitness

In the past years, we have seen a fantastic movement in the world of sport and recreation. In addition to the discount market of budget fitness chains, there is a new emerging market for specialties: elegant, new, original forms and styles of exercise found outside of boutique fitness studios.

The Netherlands is still relatively young in this market, beginning the journey of growth. If we look to America, we see much more diversity in movement concepts.

My name is Twan Kuijpers from Carving Balance Studio, and I am proud to announce the launch of our 100% Dutch sports concept. That means that we have not only developed an exercise concept, but also the equipment that we will use. The equipment is called the Carving Balance. The Carving Balance is unique in its movement in that a user trains laterally. In contrast to the standard fitness machines that train in a straight, forward line in relation to the body, the Carving Balance stimulates the muscles in a completely different way. In addition, the Carving Balance offers a luxury experience through its beauty and use of high-quality materials.

The combination of the unique movement and pure elegance is reflected in the Carving Balance studio concept. Join me in imagining the Carving Balance studio: a modern, warm, luxury hotel lobby-style environment overlooking the unique Carving Balance Circle. This is a circle of 8 Carving Balance apparatuses. The circle ensures social connection between participants. During a 50-minute training, special attention is payed to cardiovascular conditioning, strength, coordination and balance for both body and mind.

We direct our efforts towards individuals looking for balance in their busy lives. We offer a movement concept where we provide people with the opportunity to enjoy a combination of exercise and relaxation in an accessible, stylish manner. In short: it’s not extreme, hard-core fitness, nor is it extremely spiritual and meditative. It’s accessible!

Our first pop-up studio this past summer in Waalre was a great success and was rated with a solid 8 overall.

Because we are the owners of the concept and the equipment, the concept is not replicable and therefore truly unique. We are looking for entrepreneurs who, instead of sourcing products from abroad, are enthusiastic about supporting a completely exclusive, 100% Dutch product.  Additionally, we are looking for unique locations to establish studios.


Carving Fitness

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