Triple presentation from Team Danmark

Triple presentation on innovation in elite sports from Team Danmark at Idan Sports Innovation Day 2017:

Head of Department Per Boldt Jørgensen:
Innovation in Team Danmark
Innovation is crucial in a competitive world – and what world is more competitive than that of elite sport! In Team Denmark innovation is an important strategic organizational goal. But how do we develop a strategic mindset about innovation among managers and employees that can shape a culture of innovation?

Performance Analyst Andreas Top Adler:
Everyday innovation – the small margins
All minor details matter. Everything that can be turned into an advantage will be taken into account. We are ready to go that extra mile even for elements that for the naked eye seems unimportant. If it could give us 1/100 of a second or centimeter at the finish line we will at least give it a shot.

Head of Department Knud Skadborg:
The National Elite Sports Center
Team Denmark and the National Olympic Committee will establish a National Elite Sports Center. The ambition is to develop a world-class innovation and development environment to help ensure Denmark’s competitiveness in international elite sports. Learn more about how Team Denmark with a National Elite Sports Center will create a performance cluster with strong links between elite sports, research and innovation.


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