Presentation: Think Wrong! How to develop an innovative and enterprising mindset and culture

You can look forward to his thought-provoking presentation from UK-based Svend Elkjær, Director of Sports Marketing Network:

Think Wrong! How to develop an innovative and enterprise mindset and culture
As founder of the Sports Marketing Network, and its Danish sister enterprise, Idræt på Tværs IVS, Svend is widely regarded as one of the leading advocates for applying more innovation and enterprise if we are to deliver more vibrant, visible and viable community sport and physical activity.

To be really successful in community sport and physical activity we must engage the Head, Heart, Hands, and yes, Hormones! A plan without passion is just delusional, passion without a plan equals chaos. This is bringing together many bodies, institutions and people who previously did not engage with sport and who have no experience of working with sports and physical activity providers.

Svend’s presentation will cover how if you can get the Head, Heart, Hands and Hormones all working together, then you can make a real impact.




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