At GoSPOORT, as two-sided platform, we are on a mission to help consumers search, browse and select the right type of sport or training for them. More specifically, we wish to change how sport is being bought and sold through our e-commerce sports platform, where we’ve gathered a vast amount of quality personal trainers, instructors and professionel athletes so that the consumer will gain full transparancy and visibilty over what type of sport/training there is available locally (near them), and furthermore they will be able to book and pay directly online. Currently GoSpoort is covering more than 500 sports products in 18 disciplines and have more than 100 trainers across Denmark.

The platform is providing the trainers with different tools to promote themself and to manage their clients in various ways such as chat-function, bookkeeping-system, booking-system, etc. As a consumer you get an easy and user-friendly system with a sports product which suits the their needs, high qualified trainers, a secure payment system and quality guarantee.

GoSPOORT will in the pitch present challenges we are facing and how we are solving them.

The GoSPOORT core team

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