The thoughts behind

‘Idan Sports Innovation Day 2017’ is a result of years of thoughts and months of preparations. For several years Idan (the Danish Institute for Sports Studies) has studied innovation and entrepreneurship in sports closely. In 2015 Idan launched an innovation oriented network, Idan Forum. The forum consists of 60 members from a broad range of stakeholders within the sports sector.

The aim of Idan Forum is to create a dynamic sports sector and now we are ready to take the next step. ‘Idan Sports Innovation Day 2017’ is international, ambitious and – to be honest – a bad business case itself. So why are we doing it anyway? Because the potential of sports innovation with and without technology is huge. That is also one of the reasons why several strong partners back up the event.

We want to combine Danish and international sports innovation in one dynamic and inspirational day – but with a lot of legacy on the long term. We are looking very much forward to welcome you no matter if you are a scientist, start-up, sports organisation, student, consultant, investor, municipality, sports innovator etc. The mix of skills and interests is important to create the dynamics.

New products, ideas and concepts related to sports will be high on the agenda at ‘Idan Sports Innovation Day 2017’. Take your time to participate in the different activities during the day and be open – see you in Copenhagen October 9th.



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